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All parts are welcome and valuable

Richard Schwartz

Internal Family Systems therapy

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a way to understand your internal system and help it transform and heal. IFS is an evidence-based method that is based on the principle of multiple mind and that there is a resourceful Self at the core of every person.  In the process, accessing and working with that Self is a safe, effective way to heal other, hurt parts of the mind and the body.

​My role as an IFS practitioner is to guide you and help separate yourself from your parts and access the Self because the Self can connect with each part and heal it. This allows the parts to let go of their extreme or destructive roles and enter into harmonious cooperation with the Self.

​In the therapeutic process, you connect with the parts and lead internal dialogues with my support. There are a few types of parts that hold important roles. Parts that seem to be in protective, managerial roles are called managers. Exiles are those parts that carry the emotions, memories, or body sensations from the experiences of being hurt, humiliated, ashamed, or frightened in the past. Another group of parts activates whenever one of the exiles may overwhelm you with its extreme feelings or make you vulnerable to being hurt again. Those parts are called firefighters. I am sure you have experienced the moments of inner dialogues with your critical or perfectionist part or you had dialogues having a dilemma - that are the examples of our parts. All parts are good, valuable, and have a positive intention even though we can perceive them as our enemies because the effect of their roles can be addictions, depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, etc.

It is very important to recognize, accept and work with all the various parts, rather than ignore, fight or try to get rid of them. This approach leads to building a positive relationship with all your parts and bringing more calmness, clarity, and harmony to your life. 

The first session is free of charge. Afterward, we can agree on the contract, payment (700 - 900 DK / 50-75 min), and the frequency of the therapy.

Feel free to ask any questions and contact me.

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